Welcome to Justgreen Landscaping, your organic compost and topsoil solution. We specialise in organic compost, topsoil and lawn dressing for your grass as well as garden bed fertilizer. Kindly note all our products are green matter approved and have been processed through a dewatering system to guarantee a 100% weed free solution.

Compost Fertiliser

Compost FertilizerWhat is raw compost?
Compost is organic matter that has been decomposed in a process called composting. This process recycles various organic materials otherwise regarded as waste products and produces a soil conditioner. Compost is rich in nutrients.

Organic Topsoil Mix Fertiliser

Organic Topsoil

What is organic topsoil mix?
Topsoil is the upper, outermost layer of soil, usually the top 5 inches to 10 inches. It has the highest concentration of organic matter and microorganisms and is where most of the Earth’s biological soil activity occurs. Topsoil is composed of mineral particles, organic matter, water, and air.

Our weed free organic compost is the perfect start to every garden, it naturally increases the humus in the soil which in turn grows microbes and releases nutrients your plants need.

Our compost leads to healthy plants that are less susceptible to pests and diseases. It also increases water holding capacity and helps break down clay.

Saligna Organic Topsoil Mix Fertiliser

Saligna Topsoil CompostWhat is saligna topsoil mix?
Saligna topsoil is a special blend of saligna and organic topsoil mixture specifically aimed at turf (clay) based areas to assist with drainage.

It is recommended to take 5-7% on top of your measurement, please note grass type, quantity and area will determine your discounted rate.
Please note should you need us to do a site visit call out fees are R450 – we reimburse the fee on acceptance.

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